National Gypsum, Gypsum Recycling Enter Into Reclamation Agreement

Date: January 13, 2005

Source: News Room

National Gypsum Company ( has entered into an agreement with Gypsum Recycling International ( to purchase wallboard waste reclaimed from new construction sites in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, starting in the fall of 2005. National Gypsum will recycle the reclaimed material into new wallboard at its Portsmouth, N.H. plant. Gypsum Recycling International, a Danish firm which developed the recycling system, will collect the waste wallboard and crush it. GRI has had a similar system operating successfully in conjunction with wallboard manufacturers in Scandinavia for the past three years. National Gypsum expects to divert up to 30,000 tons of waste gypsum annually to the Portsmouth plant alone. Following the completion of the pilot program, the companies will evaluate opportunities in other areas of the United States.
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