Sedgwick County, Kansas Faces Uphill Battle For Waste Volume

Date: February 12, 2004

Source: News Room

Sedgwick County, Kansas is considering constructing a local landfill, but the problem for the facility may be finding enough waste to place in it. County residents generate about 1,700 tons of waste a day, but Waste Connections, which handles about 1,200 tons of that total, takes waste to a landfill it owns in Meno, Okla. The company is also building a facility in Harper County, Kan. and has no intention of using a local landfill even if it became an option. Likewise, Waste Management, which handles about 300 tons of waste a day, sends its waste to its own landfill in Topeka. Both companies note that in 1997, the county voted to ship its waste out and invited companies to handle the process; both companies spent millions to upgrade landfills in order to take the waste.
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