Pennsylvania Landfill Will Briefly Take Sludge Overflow

Date: February 20, 2003

Source: News Room

The Pioneer Crossing Landfill in Exeter, Pa. will be permitted to accept more sludge, on a temporary basis. The decision came after Exeter officials learned that the company's sludge composting facility, A & M Composting in Lancaster, had its 6-acre building collapse from heavy snow last week. The building was processing 40,000 cubic feet of sludge, which now must be moved. J.P. Mascaro and Sons in Harleysville, the company that owns the landfill and composting facility, proposed Pioneer Crossing be one of four landfills taking the sludge. Mascaro officials said the removal would cost the company $12.5 million because the sludge has to be moved before insurance claims can be processed. More information:

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