Pennsylvania Waste Association Endorses Surcharge Reauthorization

Date: November 7, 2002

Source: News Room

The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association has urged state legislators to re-authorize the $2-per-ton tax on waste disposal at landfills and incinerators earmarked to pay for curbside recycling in Pennsylvania. Authorization for the recycling surcharge is due to expire in October 2004. But PWIA officials said the General Assembly has the opportunity to extend the surcharge for five years by passing House Bill 2190 before the end of the current legislative session. For every ton of waste they process, landfill and incinerator operators pay $2 to Pennsylvania's Recycling Fund. The waste industry contributed more than $48 million to the fund in fiscal 2000-2001, or about 83 percent of its total receipts. The money is used to support recycling programs at the municipal level. The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association represents private-sector waste haulers and landfill operators in Pennsylvania and is affiliated with the National Solid Waste Management Association.

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