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EPA Study Shows Reduced Risk From Incinerators

Date: June 20, 2002

Source: News Room

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released data confirming greater than 90% reductions in organic, metal, and acid gas emissions from waste-to-energy facilities nationwide as a result of the industry's compliance with the Clean Air Act standards. The emissions inventory and accompanying reports released today by U.S. EPA are based on actual compliance test data of the nation's 66 large-unit waste-to-energy plants following a $1 billion upgrade in pollution control technology required by federal "Maximum Achievable Control Technology" air standards promulgated in 1995 for large unit municipal waste combustors. Waste-to-energy technology results in avoiding the release of 11 million metric tons of greenhouse gases each year into the air, according to the study. The U.S. EPA reports are available from the federal docket, number A-90-45, items VIII-B-11; VIII-B-7; VIII-B-3; VIII-B-8.

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