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Enviro-Energy Announces Acquisition, Market Inroads

Date: January 24, 2002

Source: News Room

Enviro-Energy Corporation (OTCBB:ENGY) is preparing for an intended acquisition of Colvico, Inc, an electrical/energy services company bonded and licensed throughout the Pacific Northwest. Revenues were $17 million for 2001, and Colvico is expected to bring a restated net book value of $3.5 million to Enviro-Energy. Colvico's current backlog of $10 million includes contracts for renovating and updating electrical power generation systems. Colvico gives the company the ability to install, service and maintain its bio-waste-to-electrical generation plants. Further, using Colvico's in-house electrical assembly and manufacturing plant, the Company will now have the ability to fully manufacture and assemble its skid-mounted plants internally, significantly increasing deliverables and profit. In other news, the company's Enviro-Energy Bio-Waste-Energy Systems are being promoted in several foreign markets where typical farm sizes are much smaller than U.S. dairies, and water and farm waste problems are extreme. More information: Enviro-Energy Corporation, 509-921-9150.

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