EPA Extends Emissions Compliance Date for Incinerators

Date: December 13, 2001

Source: News Room

The federal EPA is extending by one year the deadline for incinerators, cement kilns and lightweight aggregate kilns that burn hazardous waste to comply with new hazardous air pollution regulations. The new compliance date, Sept. 30, 2003, arises from the EPA¹s discovery that many facilities stopped their efforts to come into compliance with the rule earlier this summer, when the D.C. Circuit Court issued an opinion vacating the rule¹s hazardous waste combustor maximum achievable control technology emission standards, rendering the rule¹s status uncertain. "Given the uncertainty created by the opinion as to what standards will ultimately be in place and when sources will have to comply, it is appropriate to delay the compliance date. Quite simply, sources are (legitimately) unwilling to make the substantial commitments in time, effort and capital to comply with standards when they no longer know what those standards will be," EPA officials noted.

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