Ecology and Environment Announces $24 Million Contract, First Quarter Earnings

Date: December 6, 2001

Source: News Room

Ecology and Environment, Inc. (Amex: EEI) recently signed a thirty-month contract in the amount of $24.4 million through its majority-owned subsidiary in Saudi Arabia. The company will provide monitoring and assessment services to the Meteorology and Environmental Protection Administration to determine the damages to the marine resources, lands, public health, the environment and property of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attributable to the 1990 Gulf War. In addition, net revenues for the company for the first quarter of fiscal year 2002 were $16.6 million, down 16.9% from the $19.9 million reported in the first quarter of fiscal year 2001. Net income for the quarter was $392,000 or $.10 per share, down 33.7% from the $591,000 or $.14 per share reported in the prior year. More information:

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