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Regulatory Research Support

US EPA Methane Outreach Program
We have completed numerous projects in order to assist the federal Environmental Protection Agency to understand the markets it seeks to assist and regulate. Recently, WBJ completed a comprehensive study of current and historic patterns of industrial and commercial waste disposal in landfills across the country. WBJ has also played a leading role in helping the EPA to establish a universe of landfill gas to energy projects for its Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP).

Assistance with the Federal EPA in its Development of the MACT Standards for Landfills
In conjunction with another major EPA contractor, we provided them with the industry's most comprehensive database of both operating and closed landfills. We developed a model for estimating waste flows and waste-in-place for landfills whose operations occurred long before we began gathering our own data. We provided them with additional data on existing gas recovery projects at various landfills around the country. (Ref. 0003DT).

Assistance with the Department of Justice Investigation of Industry Consolidation
When the Federal Department of Justice's Antitrust Division wanted to better understand the impact of various mergers and acquisitions occurring throughout the waste management industry, we provided them with specific market data and analysis. We helped them to better understand those markets where the most overlap would occur, but perhaps more importantly those markets where despite the obvious overlaps, healthy market competition would still be possible and probable. (Ref. 00033O).