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Industry Association Support

Solid Waste Association Support
For many years we have worked closely in support of both of the major waste management associations. Our research and data augment their initiatives in Washington, help to educate their members, and supports vital industry research and development.

Comprehensive Waste Industry Study
We recently co-authored the largest study performed to date measuring the total size and economic impact of the waste management industry. The study, commissioned by one of the major trade associations, required a detailed survey and analysis of nearly every aspect of waste collection, processing and disposal. We examined the industry in terms of publicly traded, privately held, and public sector segments and sought to capture data on total revenues, employment, quantities of waste managed, and other meaningful industry statistics. Nearly all of the data was gathered directly from industry participants and relied heavily on our own extensive industry database as a foundation for this research. We had been retained because of our well-known industry expertise. (Ref. 0003HA and 0003D3).