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Legislative Impact Analyses

Litigation Support to Challenge Flow Control Ordinance
In association with a national economic firm, we were engaged in support of a litigation challenging the validity of a major city's flow control ordinances that directed all waste collected in the county to the county's own waste-to-energy facility. We built a database of markets where at least some form of flow control was then in place and compared the data from those markets with others nationally. By applying regression analysis to historical trends in supply and demand we were able to develop a relationship to pricing which could then be applied to flow control markets to show that they had statistically higher pricing. This study was eventually presented to the US Congress and served as the basis of the legal action against the municipality. (Ref. 0002JZ)

Support of Major Waste Firm in its Campaign against Flow Control
In support of a major waste management company's campaign against flow controlled markets, we were hired to present data to show the economic impact on pricing. We combined operating data (including ownership information) on over 4,400 waste disposal facilities in 18 major metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) with historical time-series data on pricing, volume and supply to build a case that flow control ordinances invariably lead to artificially inflated pricing. (Ref. 0002F6).