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New Product Research and Equipment Surveys

We have built upon our database by performing numerous surveys of the industry. In particular, clients have recruited us to survey the industry for the types of equipment utilized at various waste disposal operations around the country. Our database includes actively updated information on all sorts of pollution control equipment including leachate control systems, methane gas recovery, monitoring systems, landfill cover materials, compaction and shredding equipment, and many others in place at various facilities around the country.

Landfill Cover Material Study
We were engaged by a major maker of landfill alternative cover material to assess the market for landfill cover material in six states and nationally. We conducted detailed surveys of landfill operators that included candid conversations regarding their perceptions, concerns and reasoning behind their existing systems. We surveyed both sanitary "subtitle D" landfills as well as C&D facilities for the study. (Ref. 0002VE).

Waste Carpet Report
We were hired by one of the country's largest producers of flooring and carpeting to assess the potential demand as well as the need for recycling carpeting. They wanted to know if there were special conditions such as regulatory or facility specific bans or other obstacles to carpet disposal. Our report detailed these market parameters across the country as well as documented the opinions of many of the facility operators. For example, surveys of facility operators revealed that they had tremendous difficulty in handling waste carpet material especially since the fibers often got entangled on the wheels of the landfill compactors; it absorbs liquid waste products such as motor oil and solvents. An analysis of the responses revealed a larger market than had previously been envisioned. (Ref. 00033N).

Assist Major Energy Firm to Explore Landfill Gas Opportunities
A major energy company wanted to explore landfill gas opportunities in the US. We helped them to identify more than two thousand landfill candidates. Included in the study were facility specific details such as location, status, service area, intake, capacity, startup & closure dates, owners and operators, designed landfill area, and depth; waste in place; annual MSW acceptance by year; electricity capacity; volume of gas collected; potential energy users; percentages of methane, CO2 and other gases; LFG collection system in place, system developers; the type of LFGTE system; natural gas utility provider; electric utility provider; electric utility information; current utilization status and the year it started. (Ref. 0003OI).

The potential market for a new compost technology
A client with a novel method of composting various waste types wanted to identify 15-20 markets that would be most receptive to their new technology. We helped them first to establish the criteria for judging a market and second, to screen each major market in the country for meeting these criteria. In particular, we helped them to find markets (SMSAs and cities) where population density was high and consequently disposal fees were also high, where disposal capacity was restricted, and preferably located within states with more aggressive recycling goals that were assiduously pursued. (Ref. 0003ZP).