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Mergers and Acquisition Analysis and Counsel

Investment Syndicate Pursues Leveraged Buyout of a Major Waste Firm
We were retained by a well known investment syndicate to provide give an opinion of the prospects for a major solid waste firm in whom they planned to purchase a majority stake. We provided an analysis of prevailing industry conditions, the company's specific situation and performed a detailed analysis of each of the company's major markets. That analysis examined existing contracts, competitors' market share, local market drivers, and historical and projected future trends. (Ref. 0003PD).

Retained by Global Equity Firm in its Acquisition of a Waste Management Company
We were hired by a leading global equity firm in its facilitation of a major waste industry merger to assess the market and prospects for the resulting combined entity. We provided detailed industry research, company specific research and presented that research to the firm's directors. (Ref. 0002O4).

Valuation of a Major Waste-to-Energy Firm
A global equity firm wanted to make a valuation of a major waste-to-energy company turned to us for help. We studied the 25 markets where the company had its operations in order to construct a valuation model to better understand how the company in particular would fare given the macro changes in the industry. Within each market we could examine the competitive landscape, growth potential, market share, etc. that helped to build a complete understanding of the company as a whole. (Ref. 0004N5).

Major Waste Firm Deploys New Pricing Scheme
When a major waste management firm announced that it planned to raise pricing across the board beginning with 28 of its markets, we were retained by a major wall street firm to examine those markets in order to build a model that would predict the overall impact on the marketplace. Of interest was where and whether such a move would expose the company to loss of market share. (Ref. 0004RZ).