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Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies

Major Foreign Waste Firm Entering the US Market
A large international utility conglomerate wanted to investigate the US and Canadian waste management industry. We helped them to better understand the domestic markets from the ground up. Using data gathered from a variety of sources including proprietary research, we examined each element of the waste stream. That allowed us to show how much of each waste component was generated, recycled, and disposed and consequently what percentages of each were going to various types of waste handling facilities. (Ref. 0004DX).

New York City Waste Flow Analysis and Future Disposal Options Study
In conjunction with a global engineering firm, we worked to provide a detailed analysis of the waste flows emanating out of New York City particularly in the wake of the closure of the massive Fresh Kills Landfill there. The Department of Sanitation wanted not only to better understand where most of the city waste was being exported but also to advise the Mayor on a comprehensive longer range plan for disposition of the more than fifteen thousand tons of waste generated daily. We provided them with an analysis of existing disposal operations, their operating capacity, lifetime capacity, access to rail or waterway, operational characteristics, ownership and individual market characteristics including the political climate surrounding those operations. (Ref. 00043Y).

Major Metropolitan Government Considers Rail Hauling of Waste
We have helped a major west coast city examine the feasibility and options for rail haul disposal of its solid waste. We began by compiling a detailed database of all large landfills operating within one thousand miles. Added to this was data on ownership and operation, distance, type and carrier of rail service and whether systems were yet in place, other access constraints, tonnage of waste received, capacity for acceptance, disposal pricing and whether and with which public jurisdictions the landfill had any long term contracts. (Ref. 0004D1).

Company Considers Entering the C&D Recycling Business
We were hired to assist a major waste management company examine whether and to what extent that it could participate in the construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling business. We provided them with an analysis of the existing C&D market including a database of the more than 5,500 facilities around the US that accept C&D wastes, their pricing, acceptance rates, capacity, ownership and other particulars that helped to describe their capabilities and particular niche. Equipped with this data, we were able to give them an idea of the avoided cost of disposal or rather the incentive pricing to recycle C&D and to show them which markets would initially be more desirable. (Ref. 0003SD).

Industry Segment Quantification
We worked together with a national economic research firm to create a recovered materials industry service. The report quantified the supply and demand for recycled products by commodity and included a discussion of economic drivers resulting in past pricing. The model developed helped us to forecast future demand and pricing in order to allow our major corporate clients plan their production. (Ref. 0003CO).

Waste-to-Energy Business Sector Analysis
A global investment banking firm wanted to better understand the waste-to-energy business in the US. We examined each market in which one or more of the country's 125 waste-to-energy plants have operations. By employing GIS analysis, we could map and quantify proximity both to population sources of demand as well as to competitors and alternate disposal options. Overlaying expectations about the macro market, we could then give them a substantiated expectation for the waste-to-energy sector in particular. (Ref. 0004QF).

Municipal Waste Authority Seeks to Renegotiate its Waste Contract
We were hired to make a market assessment for a large northeastern municipality looking for an industry benchmark in order to better judge contract proposals from different waste management firms seeking their business. We gave the municipality a listing of all waste disposal operations within 150 miles that included data on ownership and operation, daily acceptance volumes, types of waste accepted and the various prices charged for each, operating capacity and in the case of landfills, remaining disposal capacity, access to roads, railway or waterways, and market served. Five years of historical data allowed us to examine local market trends and to make estimates regarding future demand, capacity and pricing in the area. As is customary, we created maps to illustrate and examine the universe of disposal options for them. (Ref. 0002T8).

Major Solid Waste Firm Seeks to Inventory Waste Disposal Operations
A major waste management firm that had grown rapidly through acquisitions, wanted to inventory its own solid waste operations located throughout the United States. Rather than do this internally, it turned to us. We provided them with site-specific information, data on wastes accepted, volumes disposed, and tipping fees. A subsequent study provided this firm with profiles of their key competitors including waste disposal inventory, weak markets, and strategic opportunities. (Ref. 0002FZ).