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Plan to Reduce GHG's in Transportation Leaves Out Biofuels

News Room, 08/06/21, (377 words)

The Biden Administration announced an ambitious target to make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, or fuel cell electric..Read More »


Environmentalists Want EPA to Mandate Clean Closure of Ash Ponds

News Room, 07/29/21, (214 words)

Earthjustice has released a report Cleaning Up Coal Ash for Good that addresses the closure of coal ash impoundments and urges so-called clean closure where ash is removed to lined landfills or for..Read More »


Kinderhook Combines Three Waste-to-Fuel Companies Under One Brand

News Room, 07/12/21, (387 words)

Kinderhook Industries said it will combine three of its portfolio companies -- Circon Environmental, Chemtron Corporation and KilnDirect, Inc...Read More »


EPA says GHGs Down 1.7% in 2019 and Down 13% from 2005

News Room, 04/14/21, (537 words)

EPA's latest Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks (GHG Inventory) reports that emissions decreased from 2018 to 2019 by 1.7% (after accounting for sequestration from the land sector)...Read More »


Michael Regan Sworn in as Head of EPA

News Room, 03/11/21, (640 words)

Michael Regan has been sworn in as the 16th administrator of the EPA. One of President Biden's most prominent campaign promises was to restore science to the Oval Office and renew the focus of the EPA..Read More »


2020 Review and Outlook for 2021

News Room, 02/11/21, (1798 words)

Everyone can agree that the defining characteristic of the last year has been the COVID-19 pandemic and the drastic effects it had upon the economy, and by extension, the waste and recycling industry...Read More »


GM Sets 2035 Emissions Reduction Target

News Room, 01/28/21, (1588 words)

General Motors, the largest US automaker by sales, has set 2035 as a target for phasing out gas- and diesel-powered vehicles it produces...Read More »


Biden Team Names New EPA Chief

News Room, 12/17/20, (154 words)

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has chosen Michael S. Regan, North Carolina’s top environmental regulator, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency...Read More »


Connecticut Burn Plant to Close Amid Many Failures

News Room, 12/05/20, (337 words)

A major waste-to-energy plant in Hartford, CT is set to close, by the end of fiscal 2022 at the latest...Read More »


Report Blames Chicago's Low Recycling Rate on Lack of Enforcement

News Room, 12/02/20, (938 words)

A recent audit by Chicago's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) failed to enforce a requirement that commercial and high density (5 or..Read More »


Teamsters Union Likes NYC Sanitation Reforms Where They Could Have Influence

News Room, 08/17/16, (711 words)

The Teamsters Union is endorsing New York City's plan to deploy a zoned commercial waste collection system that aims to reduce traffic and cut pollution...Read More »


Environmentalists and Industry Reject EPA's Defense of Coal Ash Rule

News Room, 07/20/16, (264 words)

Nobody seems to be happy with EPA's defense of its first-time rule for coal ash disposal. Environmentalists, the power industry and coal ash reuse groups are asking a federal appeals court to reject provisions..Read More »


New Recycling Rules in NYC Could Mean Higher Costs for Businesses

News Room, 07/20/16, (130 words)

An advocacy group says that small businesses are likely to be overcharged under New York City's recently adopted recycling regulations unless the city takes action...Read More »


Republic Services and Mas Energy Unveil Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plants in Atlanta

News Room, 07/21/16, (851 words)

Republic Services, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) and Mas Energy, LLC (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) have opened three landfill gas-to-energy facilities in the metro Atlanta, GA area...Read More »


Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Limit E-Waste Exports

News Room, 07/04/16, (214 words)

A bipartisan pair of House lawmakers has introduced a bill to limit the export of electronic waste (e-waste) for reasons of national security and foreign policy concerns, after previous attempts to regulate..Read More »


Uncertainty About How EPA Coal Ash Rule is to be Implemented

News Room, 06/24/16, (259 words)

Uncertainty still surrounds EPA's coal ash disposal rule despite that it was finalized in December 2014 and, according to many stakeholders, explicitly regulates ash as solid waste...Read More »


Group Sees E-waste Export as Threat to National Security

News Room, 06/21/16, (753 words)

A recycling advocacy group, which has always opposed the export of used electronics (e-waste), is switching tactics...Read More »


Fortistar Modernizes Los Angeles Landfill Energy Project

News Room, 06/20/16, (1092 words)

Fortistar (White Plains, NY) announced that it has upgraded its Lopez Canyon Landfill (Lake View Terrace, CA) methane gas-to-energy plant...Read More »


Environmental Group Critical of TVA Coal Ash Plan

News Room, 06/16/16, (706 words)

Environmental groups are criticizing the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA's) plan to remediate coal ash sites to meet new EPA regulations adopted following the December 2008 disaster in which a coal ash..Read More »


Georgia Power to Spend $2 Billion Retiring Coal Ash Ponds

News Room, 06/16/16, (1084 words)

Georgia Power spending nearly $2 billion to retire all 29 of its coal ash ponds, 16 of which will be excavated and the ash sent to lined landfills...Read More »


Tests Reveal Leaching from Coal Ash Sites

News Room, 06/14/16, (533 words)

Duke University scientists announced that coal ash ponds at 21 power plants in five states are leaching contaminants into surrounding water which they published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology..Read More »


Environmentalists and Utilities Defend Preferred Provisions of EPA Coal Ash Rule

News Room, 06/08/16, (290 words)

In a case now before U.S. Court of Appeals (DC), environmentalists and utilities disagree about the legality of EPA's first-time coal ash disposal regulations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery..Read More »


Alabama Landfill Files $30-Million Lawsuit Against Locals

News Room, 05/23/16, (172 words)

Controversy continues to surround Alabama's Arrowhead Landfill where the new owners, Green Group Holdings LLC, has filed a $30-million defamation lawsuit against some local residents...Read More »


Covanta and Clean Energy Open First CNG Fueling Station under Partnership

News Room, 06/05/13, (1110 words)

Covanta Energy Corp. (Morristown, NJ) has opened its first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station, built as part of a long-term partnership with Clean Energy Fuels Corp...Read More »


ReEnergy Opens 60 MW Biomass Facility at Site of Former Coal Plant

News Room, 06/01/13, (200 words)

ReEnergy Holdings LLC (Albany, NY) has opened 60-megawatt biomass facility at the site of a former coal plant...Read More »


Still Not Clear When EPA Will Issue Coal Ash Regulation

News Room, 04/15/13, (368 words)

EPA still has no timetable for developing rules to regulate the disposal of coal ash or coal combustion residuals (CCRs)...Read More »


Pharmaceutical Industry Says California Drug Take-Back Bill is Unconstitutional

News Room, 04/15/13, (344 words)

Pharmaceutical industry groups are fighting legislation in California that would require manufacturers to establish drug take-back programs...Read More »


High-Tech Solar Powered Recycling and RDF Facility to Open in Mass. in 2014

News Room, 05/02/13, (159 words)

Two companies are partnering to develop a 90,000-sqare-foot solar-powered single-stream recycling facility in Massachusetts that will also produce a refuse derived fuel product...Read More »


Amid EPA Delay, Activists Step Up Lawsuits to Regulate Coal Ash

News Room, 03/04/13, (318 words)

While EPA wrestles with how to regulate coal ash and while Congress debates over whether to preempt EPA from regulating it as a hazardous waste, environmental groups press for change through the courts..Read More »


Study Says Prohibiting E-Waste Exports Could Create 42,000 US Jobs

News Room, 02/05/13, (680 words)

New restrictions on the export of electronic waste (e-waste) could generate up to 42,000 direct and indirect new U.S. jobs as users and producers of electronic products improve their life-cycle management..Read More »


EPA Greenhouse Gas Data Reveals Waste Industry Improvement

News Room, 02/05/13, (711 words)

EPA's most recent inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in 2011 reveals that those attributable to the waste industry grew by a modest 3 percent last year...Read More »


Study Says Waste Plastics in Canada Could Power 600,000 Cars a Year

News Room, 01/18/13, (625 words)

A new study in Canada postulates that if all non-recycled plastics currently being landfilled were instead converted to energy, it would be enough to fuel 600,000 cars annually or to power 500,000 Canadian..Read More »


Rep. Shimkus Vows to Fight EPA Fracking and Coal Ash Rules

News Room, 01/16/13, (166 words)

Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), chair of the House Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy, said he will pursue legislation to limit EPA's regulation of hydraulic fracturing and to bar the agency's pending..Read More »


EPA Chief Lisa Jackson to Resign

News Room, 12/27/12, (692 words)

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, who pushed through the most sweeping curbs on air pollution in two decades, announced on December 27 that she will step down sometime after..Read More »


CRS Report Says Lawsuits Likely if Congress Preempts EPA on Coal Ash Rules

News Room, 12/17/12, (351 words)

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) says that legislation under consideration in both houses of Congress which would prevent EPA from declaring coal ash a hazardous waste, would prompt litigation..Read More »


Activists and Industry Urge Court to Reject EPA Timeline for Coal Ash Rule

News Room, 12/10/12, (274 words)

Environmental groups and coal ash recyclers are suing the EPA and urging a federal court to reject the agency's request for additional time to finish its long-delayed ash disposal rule...Read More »


House and Senate Members Push for Tax Changes to Help Renewables

News Room, 12/12/12, (760 words)

A group of 9 US senators and 19 US House members are asking the Obama administration to adjust the tax code to give renewable energy projects access to lower cost capital...Read More »