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  • 1. Huizenga and Others Sued over Choice Environmental Deal

    Shutts & Bowen LLP, 14 June 2013, 234 words

    The former owners of Choice Environmental Services are suing H. Wayne Huizenga and two other officers of Swisher Hygiene Inc.

  • 2. Progressive Waste Buys Choice Environmental for $123 million

    Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd., 16 November 2012, 595 words

    Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd. (Toronto. ON) is buying Choice Environmental Services, the solid waste subsidiary of the financially troubled Swisher Hygiene (Charlotte, NC) for $123.3 million.

  • 3. Shareholders File Class-Action Lawsuit against Swisher Hygiene

    News Room, 19 October 2012, 230 words

    Shareholders of Swisher Hygiene (Charlotte, NC) have filed a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of manipulating the stock price by filing misleading financial reports.

  • 4. Swisher Hygiene Could Get Delisted, Nasdaq Warns

    Swisher Hygiene, Inc., 26 September 2012, 1472 words

    Swisher Hygiene (Charlotte, NC), an industrial hygiene company with waste disposal operations in Florida, is in danger of being delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange.

  • 5. Swisher Hygiene CEO Steps Down Amid Accounting Problems

    Swisher Hygiene Inc., 20 August 2012, 1172 words

    Swisher Hygiene (Charlotte, NC), which is in the midst of an investigation into improper accounting procedures, said that President Steven Berrard is stepping down, effective immediately.

  • 6. Swisher Hygiene Buys another Waste Company in Florida

    Swisher Hygiene, Inc., 20 December 2011, 885 words

    Swisher Hygiene, Inc. (Charlotte, NC), which specializes in industrial hygiene but also owns a Florida-based solid waste company Choice Environmental, is buying a small hauler in Pompano Beach, FL for

  • 7. Swisher Hygiene's Third Quarter Revenue Jumps 29% on Acquisitions

    Swisher Hygiene Inc., 14 November 2011, 805 words

    Wayne Huizenga's industrial hygiene and sanitation company Swisher Hygiene Inc. (Charlotte, NC) posted a narrower third quarter loss on revenues that quadrupled on acquisitions.

  • 8. Swisher Hygiene 2Q Revenue Triples on Acquisitions

    Swisher Hygiene, Inc., 15 August 2011, 1873 words

    Swisher Hygiene (Charlotte, NC), a commercial cleaning venture led by entrepreneurs H. Wayne Huizenga and Steve Berrard, reported a second quarter surge in revenue, largely the result of recent acquisitions,

  • 9. Swisher Hygiene Expands Waste Business into Central Florida

    Swisher Hygiene, Inc., 6 June 2011, 945 words

    Industry legend H. Wayne Huizenga's latest venture Swisher Hygiene (Charlotte, NC) is buying two more Florida waste companies, expanding its push into the waste business.

  • 10. Swisher Hygiene Reports 86% Jump in First Quarter Revenue

    Swisher Hygiene Inc., 16 May 2011, 299 words

    Swisher Hygiene Inc., which includes Choice Environmental Services, said first quarter revenue jumped 86 percent year-over-year and 55 percent since the fourth quarter.

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